September 2020

Getting Tested For Covid-19 In Montreal

For everyone that is afraid of Covid and the Covid test I have something to tell you. More often than not based on the current data (as per all the nurses I spoke to yesterday) and my own experience it’s not that bad! I’m taking you today with me as

Emmy’s 2020 Are Boring But, Let’s Focus On The Best In Black Fashion

If your anything like me both the concept of celebrity and celebrity culture nauseates you. The Hollywood machine is simply a copy/paste version of high school lunchroom schematics exploited into adulthood then turned into 3 hour-long award shows televised. However, I will say the only thing about celebrities that stimulate

50 Reasons Why I Hate The Human Race

Hello loyal readers, today I want to lay all my demons out on the table. This is why I’ve chosen to list “50 Reasons Why I Hate The Human Race”. I talk in length weekly about why people suck on “The People Suck Podcast” and today I feel I need