5 Myths About Webcam Modeling From A Former Model

Hello loyal readers. Thanks so much for sticking with me during these insane times worldwide. I know a lot of people are out of work  without the privilege of getting paid on lockdown mode. For that reason  there are many people looking for alternative forms of income. One thing I want to touch on this week is the webcam modeling industry. In my days of modeling I did everything from runway, print, car/motorccyle, pin-up, tattoo, fetish and nude modeling. I’ve also done webcam modeling years ago but have not been active as of late in that community. I have considered returning to camming to make some extra income. I’m currently stuck in Tijuana (flights have now stopped from Mexico) during this crisis and would love to return home to Canada ASAP. The more money I make during Covid-19 the more options I will have to survive this territory.

If your babe (male/female) with a kick ass personality and open (and kinky) mind camming could help you pull in some extra income while still maintaining your dignity on lockdown. All while being able to generate income from your own home. Let me dispel a few myths about the webcam modeling industry today. In coming weeks I’m going to go in depth with some other industry insider tips to help you if this is something your curious about doing.

Top 5 Myths About Wecam Modeling

1. You have to get nude to make money
Nope! Porn is free now and highly overrated. People on cam sites with the real money to spend want to invsest in a quality person above anything else. It’s your choice what you choose to show or not show. Yes, there are many more cam models doing nude shows but you can be the exception to the rule here. There are hundreds of different niches out there. From the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) where you simply chat with your clients and  make them feel heard and less lonely. All the way to Domination where you train slaves to do whatever you want them to do while relinquishing their control as they have too much of that in their personal lives. It’s about using your mind over your body.  Doing your research on fetish will come in really handy to ensure your clothes stay on. No matter what anyone tells you. It’s your choice what kind of cam model you are.
2. You will make thousands of dollars a week
Nope! More often than not… You definitely won’t make thousands of dollars for your first few months of camming. It takes time to build your clientele. There are some weeks you may hit those 4 digit marks but the webcam world is highly saturated. There are thousands of girls online 24 hrs/day on any given site. Competition is fierce and often even when you offer something great you may not hit those ultra high goals. It all comes down to traffic and what time of day your on. Some days you may make $500.. Others you make $5 and that’s just the way it goes. 
3. You have to use Social Media to promote yourself

Nope! You can of course use Social apps to promote yourself if you want to reach a broader audience, and you will reach more people. Here’s the reality about “reach”. Social Media reach does not at all equal user engagement. Which means the ROI (return of investment) of all that time you spend on Social Networks do not convert highly into actual sales. Just look at Instagram terrible algorhithms. You have to pay Facebook (a.k.a Mark Cunt Zuckerberg & Co.) just to be seen by more than 10% of your following. Period. It’s bullshit. It’s a scam and homie don’t play that. You are best served keeping your cam life private on whichever site/sites you chose to work for. If you choose a reputable network it’s job to give you adequate traffic. They invest hundreds of thousands into upgrades each year take advantage of that. It’s why sites charge the models a commisson of their earnings. All you’re getting by putting your more sexy/risque content on Social Media is more trolls, more time wasters and more stalkers. All 3 things no model needs. It’s pay to play in the cam world. Don’t you ever fucking forget that.
4. You have to be a model to be a cam model

Nope! Trust me. Being a “model” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. After being a model and having also been a cam model I can tell you that they are not one in the same. Modeling is an entirely different world from camming. It’s not as inclusive and is all about your looks not your personality. Sure it helps having a great personality in any field you work in but it’s not essential in the modeling. From what I saw of the modeling world it’s the most narcissistic that get ahead in that industry not the most fun to be around. In camming it’s totally opposite. You can be of any age, race, gender, size and gain a decent fan base of paying clients. It’s one reason I have a lot of respect for cam work. 
5. Cam Work is Sex Work
Nope! Especially when you’re a non-nude performer. This is something I stand very firm on. Camming is you in a room behind your computer screen chatting with another person in the same place. Off cam site contact information is not exchanged, neither are real names or addresses. All cam sites have this general rule to prevent models from taking clients off site for payments. You are to not ever meet the people you chat with online in real life. It’s not a job requirement and is also against the law in the USA & Canada where prostitution is illegal. Sex work is when you’re exchanging something with someone in person. Camming is very different from real life encounters with people. Camming is a digital form of real-time modeling. In my humble opinion it is very different from sex work. 
Remember that this is still work. It’s best to set a schedule and try to stick to it more often than not. Also, it’s important to note that it’s better to take a mental health day off cammnig if you’re not in the mood for it. You’re better at your best (especially when your on camera) than you are at your worst. Potential clients can pick up on bad moods very quickly and you never get a second chance at a first impression. 
Here is my full look of the week below to close out today’s post. Read the “Style Breakdown” so you can have a better understanding of how to get the look for much less. 
Dogs Are A Womans Best Friend

Style Breakdown:

White Faux Fur Shawl TJ Strip Mall (Retail $35): $10
Sweater DIY Crop TJ Flea Market: $2
Pants TJ Flea Market: $3
Total Look Cost: $33
Let me know if you’ve ever cammed before using the comments section below.

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