50 Reasons Why I Hate The Human Race

Hello loyal readers, today I want to lay all my demons out on the table. This is why I’ve chosen to list “50 Reasons Why I Hate The Human Race”. I talk in length weekly about why people suck on “The People Suck Podcast” and today I feel I need to break down in point form why we collectively are sucking as a species. In order to comment on society one must always look at themsevles in the mirror first. I am human after all and not above any of these behaviours. None of us are. This may enlighten you, this may enrage you, regardless you will feel something about the list below.

Montreal July, 2020

50 Reasons Why I Hate The Human Race…

1. Racism

2. Sexism

3. Rape

4. Molestation

5. Child Abuse

6. Bullying

7. Cliques

8. Gangs

9. Cartels

10. Trolling

11. Over-Consumption

12. Lack of common decency towards others

13. Refusing to wear mouth guards indoors during a Global Pandemic (What’s with those morons wearing them below their nose!)

14. A Constant need to be “right”

15. Ego

16.  Gluttony

17. Greed

18. Tyranny

19. Over Rationalization

20. Corruption

21. Short Sightedness

22. Profit Over People

23. Corporations

24. Emotional Immaturity 

25.  Hyper-competitiveness

26. Selfishness

27. De-evolution

28. Soft Brains

29. Weak Skulls

30. Cell Deteriation 

31. Selective Memories

32. Predictability

33. Gullible


35. Hashtags

36. Memes

37. Social Media

38. Animal Filters

39. Facetune

40. Duck Lips

41. Forever 21

42. Gucci (After Tom Ford)

43. Supreme

44. Flexing

45. Textile Waste

46. Close-mindedness

47. Giving No Fucks

48. Acronyms “Yolo” You Don’t Bitch

49. Staring (It’s just plain rude)

50. The relentless inability to realize we are meer cogs in a mad science experiement made by the only true god. Mother Nature. Dinosaurs are way cooler than we ever will be because they didn’t destroy the planet they inhabited and had skin like teflon. 

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