About Me

Born in Toronto, raised everywhere from NYC, Trinidad, and Calgary, Tiffini Truth straddles the boundaries between timeless and transgressive art as a performer, writer, style icon, musician, artist, and host of the “People Suck” Podcast. At first, art offered an escape from her childhood trauma, but it became something else entirely into adulthood —  a tool to reclaim the power she had lost. Tiffini embarked on a journey to take back her power and her body first by becoming a model and was published in many places from Inked, Hot Rod, & Metal Hammer magazines also, working with high-end independent fashion designers. Post modeling career she transformed her artistic expression into something powerful as she used metal and power tools to enact death defying stunt work with music and toured internationally as a one-woman act. However, after the threat of stunt work injuries became a reality, she used her voice and metal to encompass her fine arts background and transform what metal art looks like. From Vancouver to LA, from Tijuana to Montreal, Tiffini’s art is a commentary on creating art out of destruction, and ultimately brings darkness (and how we are desensitized to it) to light.