About Me

Born in Toronto and Trinidadian by heritage, Tiffini Truth straddles the boundaries between timeless and transgressive art as a performer, style icon, musician, artist, and host of “The People Suck” Podcast. At first, art offered an escape from her childhood trauma, but it became something else entirely —  a tool to reclaim the power she had lost. Tiffini embarked on a journey to take back her power and her body by joining the Suicide Girls, and later modeled for Inked, Hot Rod, & Metal Hammer magazines. She transformed her pain into something powerful as she used metal and power tools to enact death defying stunt work. However, after the threat of injuries became a reality, she used her voice and digital metal art to encompass her fine arts background and her traumatic experiences. From Vancouver to LA, from Tijuana to Montreal, Tiffini’s art is a commentary on destruction, and ultimately brings darkness (and how we are desensitized to it) to light.