About Me

Born in Toronto, Canada to an illegal immigrant single Mother, Tiffini was raised everywhere from the USA, NYC, Trinidad, and Canada while her Mother tried to obtain citizenship in Canada. This took the first 6 years of her life and she was raised in the country of Southern Alberta for her more formative years until 18. This is where Tiffini began painting, drawing, and writing while attending a Fine Arts High School. She then decided to go into the workforce after High School instead of attending post-secondary school to avoid being in student debt.

Los Angeles 2010

Tiffini embarked on her journey into the entertainment industry first by becoming an International Fetish/Fashion model in 2006. She was published in various publications both digital and in print. To list a few major publications Inked, Urban Ink, Hot Rod, Bizarre & Metal Hammer magazine she had features in on multiple occasions. She also worked with independent fashion designers between LA, Guadalajara, and NYC. After her modeling career she transformed her artistic expression into extreme performance art combined with a musical performance. She used metal and power tools to enact death-defying stunt work with Industrial music she composed and performed while touring internationally. However, after several years the threat of stunt work injuries became a reality by almost losing her middle finger live on stage in Atlanta, Georgia. She decided to evolve into a new art form of contemporary art. From stints in Vancouver, LA, Mexico to now based in Montreal, Tiffini’s art is a commentary on societal normative behaviors, sexuality, and how to deconstruct mainstream thinking. Her work ultimately brings darkness to light.

Vancouver 2012

Tiffini Truth is currently working on her first solo art exhibition while also writing about sex/fetish/culture for various online publications.

Metal is Tiffini’s predominant medium of choice but she also experiments with acrylic and various other mixed media for art projects. Tiffini moved to Montreal in June of 2020 after spending 6 years between Baja California and Los Angeles. It was on the West Coast somewhere between late nights on the Sunset Strip and early mornings in the high desert of Baja Califonia that she evolved from a touring Musician to a contemporary artist. 

Metal has been used in the past by Tiffini to make music therefore using metal as the backdrop to her first solo art exhibition is a very natural progression with this resource. The metal in this exhibition was all aged for 1 year outdoors in Montreal. Then it was cut into 10, 4×4 foot pieces.  It went through Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer before it was painted. During this natural process of aging the metal, Tiffini underwent major surgery. This had a major impact on the works in this current exhibition and its theme. Now, several months into recovery and being able to lift/maneuver her pieces again without aid it has reminded her how powerful women are even when they are going through some of the worst periods of their lives.

This is the reason the exhibition is titled “All Women Matter“. It’s an ode to all the pain and beauty that exists within every woman if they acknowledge it. The words written on each individual piece are a social commentary about our shared struggle as a gender to live a life safe from violence and with equal rights in this world. 

Women” is the first piece of 10 that are in production. Each piece is double-sided to express the duality that exists in every woman. 4×4 feet of acrylic paint on steel.

1st Side
2nd Side

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