About Me

Born in Toronto, Canada to an illegal immigrant single Mother, Tiffini was raised everywhere between the USA, NYC, Trinidad, and Canada while her Mother obtained citizenship in Canada. This took the first 7 years of her life. After that, she was raised in the country of Southern Alberta for her more formative years until age 18. Rural Southern Alberta is where Tiffini began painting, drawing, and writing while attending a Fine Arts High School in Okotoks, Alberta. She then decided to go into the workforce after High School instead of attending post-secondary school to avoid being in student debt. This led her into the Entertainment Industry working with celebrities and top brands around the world as a Model/Performance Artist.

Los Angeles Show Poster 2010

Tiffini embarked on her journey into the entertainment industry first by becoming an International Fetish/Fashion model in 2006. She was published in various publications both digital/print. To list a few major publications Inked, Urban Ink, Hot Rod, Playboy, Bizarre & Metal Hammer magazine she had featured in on multiple occasions. She also worked with independent fashion designers between LA, Guadalajara, and NYC. After her modeling career she transformed her artistic expression into extreme performance art combined with a live vocal musical performance. Using metal strapped to her body and power tools to enact death-defying stunt work with the Industrial music she composed and performed while touring internationally. This entailed Pyrotechnic training and circus training in Vancouver for 2 years before she started touring. However, after several years of performing the threat of stunt work injuries became a reality by when she almost lost her middle finger on stage headlining a tour in Atlanta, Georgia to an angle grinder in 2012. She decided to continue her artistic expression back into Contemporary Abstract Visual Art. From stints in Vancouver, LA, Vegas, and Mexico Ms.Truth is now based in Kananaskis Country, Alberta where she originally spent a lot of time as a child in art school. Tiffini’s art is a commentary on societal normative behaviors, sexuality, and how to deconstruct mainstream thinking while paying homage to our roots in nature and genetic code. Her work ultimately brings the darkness found throughout humanity to light.

The Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver 2012

Tiffini Truth is currently working on her first formal solo abstract digital art exhibition. She also continues writing about sexuality/art/culture for various online publications. All this while assisting in Media/Brand Consulting from her expertise in the digital space for over a decade to select brands she believes in.

Currently, Ms.Truth works with Acrylic, Metal, and all forms of digital art to create her unique works of abstract art. See the previews of her upcoming exhibition below to be released in October.2022

“Women” : Metal/Acrylic/Digital Art
“Life” : Metal/Acrylic/Digital Art

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