Surgery Redefined My Perspective on Art

I recently shared more about why having a life changing pelvic floor reconstructive surgery from injuries I sustained from a sexual assault in Calgary, Alberta at 19 years old shaped me as an artist. Firstly, the damage the assault did to my mental health was tragic. I learned very quickly

Art Therapy : How Trauma Became A Driver for My Creativity

“Whatever doesn’t kill you, is gonna leave a scar” – Marilyn Manson These words are incredibly relatable, because, they ring so pure and true. We don’t get out of life alive, therefore anything that happens in the interim that impacts us negatively leaves a mark that turns into a scar.

Abstract Feminist Black Art : An Introduction

I have put together a brief soft introduction about my first Art piece in my upcoming “What is a Woman…?” exhibition. The piece is titled “Women” and it’s part of 19 other pieces in this collection. The full series will debut on my Youtube channel as of Jan.25.2023 of next

Roadblocks, Setbacks & Fostering Your Creativity

If your new here, Welcome! If you’ve been around a while you’ll notice there hasn’t been much posted as of late. I’ve relocated three times in the past 8 months alone and I’m preparing for my fourth and final move for what I hope to be the last for a

Updates & The New Direction For Future Posts

Hello Loyal Readers, there’s been a lot of changes happening over the past few months… for all of us. It’s really given me pause to think about what the point of writing about life and style means to me and what place that has in this world. Do my sustainable

A Glimpse Into Frida Kahlo’s Painfully Beautiful World

Hello loyal readers. Let’s get into 2 of my favorite stops I made on my recent trip to Mexico City today. One was Frida Kahlo’s house converted into a Museum. The second was Diego Rivera’s tomb which boasts vast collections of his sculptural work and paintings. These where both two