feminine fashion model wears a white embroidered gown in a wine vineyard

2023 Fall Fashion Inspiration : Dressing Well Every Season

The summer of 2023 was filled with smoke and hellfire across the vast expanse that is the prairies of Southern Alberta. That didn’t stop me from stepping out in uniquely styled outfits between allergy attacks and extreme air quality warnings. This blog will break down some of my personal favorite ways to share fall fashion and style inspiration as we look forward to entering a new, cooler season before the snow sets in.

When we fall forward into fashion it’s important to look back at what we learned about our internal selves and how we want to represent that through clothes a.k.a fashion. This may mean that fall is a time for you to change not just the clothes you wear, but the confidence you have as the person wearing them. This my friends, is called a personal style choice.

That is my long winded way of saying that style matters and fashion is a conduit of that. How we chose to dress is a representation of how we truly feel about ourselves, everyday. For better or for worse. We are all in the fashion business as long as we wear clothes! You are either a buyer or a seller. Every season is a new opportunity to impress yourself by dressing how you feel the best. If you’re stuck when it comes to dressing yourself, hire a stylist.

Say “Goodbye” to Summer 2023 with me before we move into some feminine and elegantly styled fall outfits.

feminine fashion model wearing a embordered white gown poses in a vineyard to show you how to stay stylish in Summer
Summer Style 2023: Shot at Vineland Estates in Ontario

Suede Styling Tips

This mid 1990s vintage suede 2 piece outfit styled in the image below can easily be worn with tights/leggings for extra coverage on cool fall days. You can never go wrong by investing in 2 piece outfits as they are easily mixed and matched with other individual items in your existing wardrobe. 2 pieces can be worn as separates or together. Suede as a textile is lux, rich, and a very thick which leads to it lasting for decades in your wardrobe.

If you’re not a fan of the upkeep that comes along with buying genuine suede (or animal by-products) you can opt for Ultrasuede textiles instead. Ultrasuede became popularized in the 1970s and is a machine washable fabric. I highly recommend it even if you are a suede fan for it’s durability, breathability and versatility when it comes to styling and general upkeep of the fabric itself. If you’re a traveler the bonus to this fabric is it can roll up and stow away without imposing too many wrinkles in transit.

For footwear, finding a patterned boot is a great way to add your own unique style to a neutral outfit look. The keyword here is “neutral look”. Feminine style is about complimentary pieces together not overloading too many prints/patterns/accessories onto each other. Pick one bold pattern and let the rest be be more subtle in taste. These floral pattern knee high boots are by Kenneth Cole.

feminine fashion model wears a suede blazer and skirt set with floral patterned knee high boots to show you how to style your fall wardrobe

Retail Therapy Warning! It’s important to keep this phrase in mind when buying new clothes and cement this into your brain…

“How often will I wear this if I buy it?”

If the answer is not more than several times, do not proceed with that purchase. Textile waste is real and your money will be wasted if you buy garments that are not versatile to be styled on multiple occasions.

Plaid Pieces Are Your Friends This Season

While we are on the topic of 2 piece fashion styling let’s get into this plaid outfit. This look was inspired by Twin Peaks and Western Alberta Culture. These pictures where taken at the Bar U Ranch. This 1980s Plaid Blazer was thrifted in Calgary as well as the 1970s cherry red Western Skirt with matching Belt at Boomerang Boutique. It was a jackpot day for shopping as the pieces go so well together that they look like a 2 piece blazer and skirt set.

feminine fashion model wears a vintage red blazer and matching pleated skirt to show you how to style your fall wardrobe sustainably
feminine fashion model wears a vintage 2 piece red blazer and skirt set to exemplify elegant style

Incorporating plaid into your wardrobe is a classic staple for the fall season. It never goes out of style. However, wearing plaid in an elevated and more feminine way is the key to timeless elegant style. Skip the generic plaid button up shirts and look for a blazer or jacket instead to mix and match with other colors and tones in your wardrobe.

Last but not least!

Check out this blog I wrote a few seasons ago about how to wear a bustier and cashmere in colder seasons for even more outfit inspiration!

See you on the next Style blog

Dress for your personal style success!

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