How The Hell Do I Get This Gel Polish Off My Nails At Home?

Hello loyal readers, let’s take a beauty break this week. I mentioned in my previous skin care post that I would be covering more tips/tricks I use in my day-to-day self-care regime. Now, more than ever is the time to ramp up how well we are taking care of ourselves. I’ve worked from home for the past decade. 2020 marks 10 years for me being self-employed. I’ve learned a lot about how we can proactive when stuck in the house all day pulling long hours. When you work from home you will find that the work never ends. Taking care of your work while taking care of yourself are key fundamentals to surviving being in more than out. Today we are digging deep into our nail beds to find out what the real best way to get your salon gel polish off your nails at home. No small feat mind you!

This article on Today steered me completely wrong when I went Googling “how to remove gel nail polish”. I tried all 3 of the methods in this article and the one that worked for me was not the one chosen in the article. Never trust the mainstream… Therefore I wanted find how to get these semi permanent casts off our hands. I usually get a new gel manicure every 2 weeks and a month has passed with the same now over grown set. Unless your Quarantined with a nail tech your probably feeling just as fucked as I was.

My (and California’s) salon days are over when it comes to keeping my claws in check

Don’t Do These 2 Things

The Acetone Soaked Sponge is a No Go!
Source Wal-Mart
There’s a reason this chemical trash is cheap at $5 or less. It’s because it doesn’t work. You can twist your finger all day in this jar waiting for a miracle to come. That doesn’t mean it will. Your fingers will prune before your polish is gone. This is a waste of product and must be removed from all shelves to save the amount of chemical trash on planet earth. 
The Double Boiler crock pot method.. Nope!
In the article most read on Google written here the woman describes this as the best method. Sticking your hand in a hot bowl of acetone for 10 minutes to get the gel polish to soak off more effectively. Sound appealing to you? 10 minutes with your hand in hot water. It’s not. Firstly, your skin will be burning. I waited a few minutes before I stuck my hand in the hot water and my bowl was still too hot to bear. Also, that a lot of the acetone evaporates sitting on top of hot water is conveniently not mentioned. This evaporation leads to more chemical waste than necessary for nail removal. This life we live must be a more sustainable one. Pouring half a jar of acetone toner in a bowl only to have half of it evaporate is the opposite of what we need to do. You still have to spend the time first buffing your nails to prep them for the acetone. That alone takes a solid 10 minutes to get as much polish off as possible. 
After 15 minutes of burning in hell fire on each of my hands I was very disappointed to see more of my polish had not bubbled off  ready for removal. In fact only the edges of my polish really lifted off the nail bed in order for me to pick it off. This defeats the purpose of using hot water. I used end a chop stick (she recommended an orange picker whatever that is in the article) to try to “slide” the rest of my gel polish off. No go! There was no sliding at all using this method. In the today article the main point was how easy it was to slide right off your nails. It made more of mess of semi chipped polish all over my kitchen counter than anything else. After half an hour of struggle to “slide” said polish off my nails I quit. 
Do! Use The Salon Method At Home

The good old buff & repeat. Here’s what you’ll need to really get all that outgrown gel polish off your nails for good.
Nail File, Nail Buff, Acetone & Nail Hardener
– Pure Acetone Polish Remover
– Nail File
– Nail Buff
– Nail Hardener Polish
– Foil 
– Cotton Balls
– Lemon Slice
– An Outgrown Gel Manicure
 First buff your nails using your nail file as much as possible to remove the top layers of the gel polish. Get the shiny top coat layer off and then keep filing until you almost see your natural nail tone. Make sure you stop once you can see though your polish to not destroy the natural nail underneath the gel polish.
Mid-Buff you’ll want to keep going deeper than this
After you have buffed your brains out with the nail file then use your acetone polish to dab your cotton balls. Use a small piece of foil to wrap the soaked cotton ball around each of your finger nails. Now wait for 10 minutes for the acetone to penetrate the polish. Once 10 minutes has passed you will want to go in with the nail file again to buff away any leftover pieces of gel. Your guaranteed to have left over pieces of gel because this is one of the hardest types of polish to remove without machine tools at home. This is why you use the file to buff the most until all the gel is gone. Once you’ve gotten the gel off your nails with the nail file then you will switch the buffer. Use the buffer now to smooth down your natural nails. Get them as smooth as possible so they are ready for some serious healing after all that drama.
I haven’t seen my natural nails in 3 years! Hi!

This step is crucial. The lemon drop. You will want to use a slice of lemon to massage its juice into your natural nails until they are dry. It’s actually pretty soothing and smells great. Lemons on your nails aids in strengthening, lightning and the prevention of bacterial infections. Naturally!

However great natural is it’s not always effective. It’s really a mix of natural ingredients and chemical that yield the best results in beauty. To get your nails hard and protected you will need to use a nail hardening polish. Your nails after having gel are weaker than normal. They are also thinner if you’ve used gel for an extended period as I have. Pick any nail hardening polish of your choice, the one I found is at DAX here in Mexico. It was $3 and works really well. 
Starting to grow on me…this natural nail 
Voila! Now your ready to live a gel free lifestyle. After all the work it took to test and then find a method that actually works to remove my gel manicure I have come to a couple of conclustions. Our nail techncians do not get enough credit. They are doing manual labor working nails. Also, is the gel manicure really worth it when it takes this much effort to remove? After years of relying on gel manicures and before that acrylic to make my nails look gorgeous I’m starting to like them as they are. I’ve done more damage to my natural nails by covering them and not using more healing methods to preserve them over the years. I’m so strict on caring for my face and body yet I have neglected the self-care of my nails. I’ve always said I’m for skin care not skin covering. It’s time for me to apply that same concept to my nails. Gel manicures are time-consuming and not realistic to do at home when we need to focus on more important self-care work.Working out, tending to our skin, hair, cooking amazing meals, reading books, using the time not spent in salons to better ourselves. I’m going to focus more on those aspects for the time being. I haven’t seen my natural nails in 3 years and I think I’ll let them stay a while. 
Today’s Look At Home

Style Breakdown:

Top Tijuana Flea Market: $3
Jeans Tijuana Steet Shop: $4
Total Look Cost: $7
Let me know if you are deciding to go the natural route with your nails moving forward in the comments below!

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