Money Can’t Buy You Style & This Look Cost Me $10

Hello loyal readers. This whole being in Mexico during the worst Pandemic our world has ever seen is… you can say… starting to get to me. There’s up’s then there’s downs and it seems to only take one jenga block on the wrong side of the tower to make my mental health come crashing down. I wanted to share this look today because quite honestly outside of my work I get paid for – the work I’m doing on myself that’s invaluable- there’s not much else to live for now. Well, that’s not entirely true as my animals are really keeping me accountable and without them I don’t think I would have made it this far. Serving up a stylish look or two is a happy part of my day. I’ve always dressed for myself not for others. I preach this. Which is why I’m not sitting around in sloth mode like in sweatpants all day. I’m pumping out looks as though I’m about to die tomorrow. If I do get stuck in this desert wasteland of Tijuana I will not go easy or ugly. I promise you that.

Enjoy my Black Velveteen look to bring a little bit of effort and beauty into your world today. We’re all going through this ringer and we must not neglect the little things in our lives. I dare you to dress to impress yourself!

Style Breakdown:
Velvet Bodysuit Creations Of Lily Tijuana: $5
Velvet Skirt Tijuana Strip Mall: $5
Total Look Cost: $10
Let me know what your best look for less is below in the comments section.
 About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Metal Artist living in Tijuana. I also adore writing. Specifically about life, style, culture and sustainability .

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