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  1. Sadie Lovemore says:

    Love it!

  2. Sandra says:

    What a crock. Your blog is filled with so many untruths. If mexico is so corrupt, leave. No one is asking your opinion.

    • Hi there!

      First of all, I’d like to Thank You for being my 1058th reader of this blog post! People, including yourself do care if you read this post and went through all the trouble of leaving a comment!

      Secondly, let me address a few things to get things straight as you are on my Blog and on my Website (not yours), where my followers do ask me personally about my opinion of my time spent in Mexico. Hence why I wrote a blog while I lived there about my many experiences there many years ago. I still get asked about my experiences to this day and I moved 3 years ago due to the corrupt nature of that country in general and not feeling safe as a Woman without 24/7 security due to multiple kidnapping attempts made during the day in an exclusive neighborhood in Playas De Tijuana. Simply go to this page to see how Corrupt it is to this day

      A. This Blog is my true lived experience of Mexico as a Canadian Expat
      B. Nothing I say in my blog is un-true these are all truly lived experiences that took place while living in Mexico
      C. Mexico is a beautiful country with fantastic people, food, and culture which I also highlight in other Blogs about my time in Mexico
      D. Mexico is in fact also a corrupt country. Tijuana is still factually one of most violent cities in the world where I lived.
      There are very few if any accessible social services or Laws to protect the general population with Human Rights such as Mental Health Advocacy sponsored by Government Programming. There are no Enforced Anti-Trafficking Laws both for Human/Illegal Goods if there where you wouldn’t see the issues at all the borders in Mexico.

      Kidnappings are a #1 concern for all citizens young/older and especially Women.

      Speaking of Women, look at the Femicides statistics in Mexico present day. Not to mention the real Government of Mexico, “The Cartel” silences all reporters/media by murdering them for speaking out against the corrupt nature of the politics in Mexico due to protecting their interests of greed. Profit over People.

      E. Everyone is part of this problem including developed nations such as Canada as we use Mexico for cheap labour, people buy illegal drugs everywhere to escape their miserable personal lives, and importing the food vs growing more of own regionally sustainably.

      Therefore, it’s not just Mexico that’s corrupt… it’s the world. However, Mexico is still a prime example of how corrupt a country can be when they focus no attention on fixing things at a fundamental base level for it’s people and a cautionary tale for any country that decides that the minimum wage to pay people can be as low as $12-18 Dollars A DAY and that is just what you have to accept as a standard of living.

      It takes people like myself to get out of their comfort zone, and try living in new environments to gain this type of insight and perspective on how other countries operate. This way I’m not the one posting hateful comments on other peoples websites/blogs and telling them to get out of my country when they say something difficult vs only focusing on the positive aspects of a culture.