• What Does “I’m Not Like Other Girls” Mean?
    When was the last time you heard a woman say “I’m not like other girls”? Well, guess what! They actually meant it. This is a woman’s way of telling men and other females that they are no longer one of the girls. Innocent, gullible, takes far too long to get ready, a little bit ditzy,
  • Is Dating Dead or are Men/Women just Confused?
    Dating in 2021, somewhere between the pre/post and beginning of an all-new pandemic. Scattered in between lockdowns, Zoom meetings, and the general push to do absolutely everything online. Fragmented highlight versions of our lives are accompanied by people’s overly inflated online egos on dating apps. How is one, who actively tries to separate online persona
  • The Good,Bad & Ugly Of Chanel Spring 1994 Runway Collection
    Chanel for some purveyors of fashion can be a loaded six-letter word. Equally lauded and loathed, that double C mirrored emblem like it or leave it has stood the test of time. Chanel was founded in 1910 as a fashion house, one hundred and ten this year. Today let’s delve into the pretty and some
  • How To Make Holiday Fashion Your Bitch
    Ugly Christmas sweater parties, terrible remixes of Christmas music, and basic predictable style to match. Welcome to the Holiday’s my friends. Year after year the same songs play on loop for a month straight in retail stores and if you happen to not celebrate this you’re looked at with pity. As if you need an
  • The Easiest Halloween Costume Ever In 2020
    For Halloween this year I decided to be a chic cat. The easiest costume I could come up with last-minute without making something myself or finding something or sub-par textile quality on Amazon. One-stop at my local Dollarama (which actually had an impressive aisle dedicated to Halloween this year) and my shopping was done. For
  • How To Stay Stylish In Montreal By Shopping Local
    Every-time I move to a new city I always need to re-build my wardrobe. I tend to acquire a lot of clothes when I live in one place for an extended period of time. I’m a reformed clothes hoarder and I’ve learned the hard way by thousands of wasted dollars to no longer buy things
  • Top 5 Best Dressed Horror Movie Villains Of All Time
    Tis the season to be spooky. Hands down my favorite time of year is Halloween. From cable-knit sweaters to leather it’s time for layering which is the best way to show off one’s personal style. This is why it’s the perfect time to list the “Top 5 Best-dressed Horror Movie Villains Of All Time“. As
  • Tom Ford At His Best
    In last week’s post, I ripped the new Tom Ford 2020 collection to shreds. Deservedly so mind you. However, the reason I was able to rip that collection to shreds is that I’ve been around long enough to remember when Tom Ford was great. From when he was at the helm of Gucci and turned
  • Tom Ford Has Failed Us All With His New York Fashion Week 2020 Collection
    Pandemic or not this is the time to create really killer art. Across all platforms and media. From fashion, movies, music, digital art, physical art, mixed media. it’s all happening now. We have no excuse are creatives to do what we do best (while weathering being forced into/out of lockdown) create! This is why in
  • Getting Tested For Covid-19 In Montreal
    For everyone that is afraid of Covid and the Covid test I have something to tell you. More often than not based on the current data (as per all the nurses I spoke to yesterday) and my own experience it’s not that bad! I’m taking you today with me as I go for my Covid-19
  • Emmy’s 2020 Are Boring But, Let’s Focus On The Best In Black Fashion
    If your anything like me both the concept of celebrity and celebrity culture nauseates you. The Hollywood machine is simply a copy/paste version of high school lunchroom schematics exploited into adulthood then turned into 3 hour-long award shows televised. However, I will say the only thing about celebrities that stimulate me is how they dress.
  • 50 Reasons Why I Hate The Human Race
    Hello loyal readers, today I want to lay all my demons out on the table. This is why I’ve chosen to list “50 Reasons Why I Hate The Human Race”. I talk in length weekly about why people suck on “The People Suck Podcast” and today I feel I need to break down in point
  • Once Upon A Time In Quebec City…
    Hello loyal readers, let’s take a trip 3 1/2 hours east of Montreal this week to a place called Quebec City. I recently spent 3 days/nights there for my 36th Birthday. Last year I was couchsurfing in Hollywood. It’s not a place I would have ever seen myself going out of my way to go
  • First Impressions of Montreal As An Anglophone
    Hello loyal readers and thank you for being patient while I take more time to put these posts together. I’ve now been in Montreal by way of Tijuana (a.k.a Tijufuckinguana) for a full month. I didn’t want to write this article too soon or too late to make sure I’m still speaking from a first
  • Escaping Tijuana’s Cartel War & Running Right Into An American Race War
    Hello loyal readers, I’m finally happy to say that I am officially no longer a residing in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. I was able to make it out of that shithole of a city and head north of the border back to my country of origin. Canada. Or as I like to call it. Canadaland,
  • Updates & The New Direction For Future Posts
    Hello Loyal Readers, there’s been a lot of changes happening over the past few months… for all of us. It’s really given me pause to think about what the point of writing about life and style means to me and what place that has in this world. Do my sustainable outfits really matter in the
  • Lost Highway & The Fine Art of David Lynch
    Hello loyal readers, let’s talk about music this week. Most specifically my music you probably know absolutely nothing about. Last Summer I released my first album called “Screw You”. A few weeks ago I released my first music video off that album titled “Socket Screw” and then I go so wrapped up in other things I forgot to
  • Money Can’t Buy You Style & This Look Cost Me $10
    Hello loyal readers. This whole being in Mexico during the worst Pandemic our world has ever seen is… you can say… starting to get to me. There’s up’s then there’s downs and it seems to only take one jenga block on the wrong side of the tower to make my mental health come crashing down.
  • Take Your Pillow Challenge & Shove It
    Hello loyal readers, let’s dig into the latest internet viral offense this week. The “Pillow Challenge”, or as I like to call it a narcissists paradise. We’re all stuck indoors on lockdown due to a worldwide pandemic. Countless jobs have been annihilated, the economy is in constant limbo and the food supply chain is vulnerable to collapse
  • How The Hell Do I Get This Gel Polish Off My Nails At Home?
    Hello loyal readers, let’s take a beauty break this week. I mentioned in my previous skin care post that I would be covering more tips/tricks I use in my day-to-day self-care regime. Now, more than ever is the time to ramp up how well we are taking care of ourselves. I’ve worked from home for
  • 5 Myths About Webcam Modeling From A Former Model
    Hello loyal readers. Thanks so much for sticking with me during these insane times worldwide. I know a lot of people are out of work  without the privilege of getting paid on lockdown mode. For that reason  there are many people looking for alternative forms of income. One thing I want to touch on this
  • Consumerism Is Killing Us Quicker Than The Coronavirus
    Hello loyal readers. Instead of feeding into the main topic of Coronoavirus ( which if we’re being honest no one knows anything about) on everyone’s minds I want to pivot into a deeper disease of our mindsets. Consumerism, and why it’s become a detriment to our society. Currently we see people panic buying as though
  • Medical Tourism In Tijuana, Anti-Aging & Beauty Secrets
    Hello loyal readers. I took last week off to gather enough content to bring you an in-depth beauty article. To me beauty and self-care go hand in hand. When you’re taking care of yourself you automatically feel more beautiful. Beauty is only skin deep so it’s equally important to do the inner work on oneself.
  • The 2000’s: The Worst Decade For Fashion
    Hello loyal readers. I was going through the decades of fashion recently in a Goggle search and stumbled upon the 2000’s. One decade I lived through as a very young adult. The 2000’s for me was age 16-26. In Pop culture Sex tapes where in high demand, Paris Hilton ruled the LA party scene, and
  • A Glimpse Into Frida Kahlo’s Painfully Beautiful World
    Hello loyal readers. Let’s get into 2 of my favorite stops I made on my recent trip to Mexico City today. One was Frida Kahlo’s house converted into a Museum. The second was Diego Rivera’s tomb which boasts vast collections of his sculptural work and paintings. These where both two stand out moments for me
  • Embracing Femininity & Living A More Erotic Lifestyle
    Hello loyal readers! This week I want to dig my heels into a topic I don’t see being discussed enough. Femininity and even more specifically Erotica. Both topics I am very well versed in due to the fact that a. I’m female and b. I  was a traveling Fetish model which educated me on everything
  • Bustiers, Cashmere & Cold Nips
    Hello loyal readers! Winter is definitely in no way on its way out anytime soon. This marks the coldest winter I have ever experienced since moving to the West Coast a little over 5 years ago. I’m Canadian, I’ve seen the worst of the worst. The reason I’m not in Canada anymore has a lot
  • 100 Reasons Why You Should Not Move To Tijuana In 2020
    Hello loyal readers. I’m fresh off the heels of a life changing trip to Mexico City. I am in love with that city and it takes a lot for me to say that about anything/anyone/place. This was my first time in the capital and I am still gob smacked. So much so that I haven’t
  • Why Getting Drunk On Vacation Sucks
    Hello loyal readers, I’m on route to Mexico City this week and thought this was a perfect time to talk about drinking on vacation. Or rather, not drinking to excess on vacation. I was going to debunk some fashion trends this week for 2020 but this is far more relevant in this moment. In short I’ve been
  • How To Deal With Street Harassment In Style
    Happy New Year loyal readers. 2020 is here and this marks the first post of the new year. Unfortunately, just because the year changes doesn’t mean anything is changing. That’s why I want to get into a really sore subject for women. Street Harassment. It’s not acceptable, I want to see this type of targeting
  • My Top Archived Looks From 2019
    Hello loyal readers and happy almost New Year. I’m not big on celebrating the end of the year because it’s usually cold at night and I don’t care about holidays. As previously discussed in greater detail from last weeks post. I think part of this destine comes from me working age 18-21 in retail stores
  • Have Yourself A Merry Anti-Christmas
    Do you believe in god/religion? This post is for both believers and non-believers to get an idea of what the other side lives like during this time of year. The Holiday’s for many are an incredibly isolating and depressing time for people who don’t have families and don’t believe in god/religion. There’s really no designated
  • Style Stories: A Canadian Expat In The Corrupt Country Of Mexico
    Heavy enough title for you? One thing I’ve learned since living in Mexico as an expat.. Never… trust.. a Mexican in Mexico. This is not based on race this is purely based on culture and mindset. Women especially are targets for street harassment, assault, and femicides here. Things I cover heavily weekly on The Metal
  • Adventures In A $20 Motel Room In Mexico
    Hello loyal readers and thank you for being patient in waiting for this new post. I’ve never taken 2 weeks off from writing since Metal Mouth Style started last year. I have had serious writers guilt about it but I’ve also been slammed with responsibilities. Downsizing kicked my ass hardcore. Moving sucks most when you’re
  • Cafes, Couchsurfing & Baja California!
    Last week was a busy and slightly crazy one. With that comes a lot of new experiences to share with you in my life and style today. The water rationing program officially begins today in Tijuana. Things are hard out here. There’s no doubt about it.  I have written about the water crisis in-depth on
  • How Climate Change Will Change Your Life & Your Style
    In the last Metal Mouth Style post we discussed what it was like living though fire season. Which is officially the fifth season of the West Coast. I find it important to follow-up on that post with some thoughts on how climate change is impacting my lifestyle and yours. From what we wear to where
  • Staying Sane & In Style During A Sinister Fire Season
    Since the last Metal Mouth Style post Baja California Norte has had insanely high temperatures and endured its worst state fires in history. Over this past weekend there where over 160 fires in my area. The nearest being only a 10 minute drive south of me in Playas De Rosarito. The highway that connects my area
  • 5 Things No One Told Me Before Getting A Dog
    As you are well aware of by now if you have been following Metal Mouth Style lately I have a new puppy named California. She is 5 months old and I’ve had her for about a month and half. She’s my first dog as an adult. I had one dog as a teenager named Pogo.
  • Where To Go High & Low In Tijuana On A Budget
    The last time I went out in Tijuana was back in July. You can read about what a total shit show that turned into here. Hence the reason for me not going out again since that time. It’s become normal for me that the place I currently live in I cannot socialize in. It’s safer
  • Being Black In Mexico…How To Rise Above It’s Racism
    I have been dreading writing this blog today but I feel it’s important to get this perspective out there. All I can do each and every week on Metal Mouth Style is be honest about my current personal life & style experiences. I think this should also include a personal experience that may be teachable
  • Your Top 5 Reasons To Stay Inn This Weekend
    The past 2 weeks of staying home, not traveling and getting re-focused on new goals has been of such a great value to me. If you’ve been following the blog you already know I love to go out. I love to fine dine and I love my wine (and to be wined). However, I’m now
  • Dissecting Dave Chappelle’s Style…What He Should Be Wearing
    Over the weekend I got around to catching up on the latest Netflix release of Dave Chappelle’s Special “Sticks & Stones”. This Summer has been filled with a ton of travel between USA & Mexico for me so it’s nice to be still at home for a little while. It also helps me think deeper
  • Botox, Burgers, Boats and Beaches.. Oh My!
    Yup! I’m covering all of the above it today’s highly obscure title on Metal Mouth Style today. My life is incredibly random and a constant mix and match of culture, food, life & style. Your coming with me over the course of a few days between Tijuana and San Diego. In today’s blog we are
  • All Rescue Dogs Go To Heaven… And To A Dive Bar
    This past week since the last post has been pretty insane. My workload has tripled and my pets have doubled. I am now happy to say I am the proud owner of a dog! I rescued a puppy here in Tijuana last Friday and now my life is forever changed. Here’s what we’re getting into
  • The Pasadena Daydream Festival.. Turned Into My Fucking Nightmare
    I’m back at my home in Tijuana writing about my recent trip back to LA today. I left on Aug.31st for the Pasadena Daydream Festival and returned Sept.3rd. Now that I’m decompressed and back on my work out/work mode schedule I can really dig in and give you the best reviews of this 4 day
  • How to Live Without Water For 4 Days.. In Tijuana
    Another week another fucking adventure. This time it’s much more of a misadventure. Tijuana is where I have resided for the past 2 years. Previous to that I lived in Los Angeles and before that Toronto (and before that a whole lot of other places). Tijuana bar none is the most difficult place I have
  • The Anti Social Social Club Is Not A Club.. It’s Bullshit
    Well my friends.. they can’t all be winners now can they? This past weekend was a reminder of that. Also, a reminder as to why I typically do not go out on weekends and much prefer the mid-week crowd. Today on Metal Mouth Style here’s what we’re going to cover: 1. The best Sushi Happy
  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood… Couchsurfing
    My 35th Birthday recently passed and I booked 3 days to go up to LA from TJ on a weekend trip to celebrate. It was truly the best Birthday I’ve had since I turned 30 and I’m here to share it all with you in detail. Here’s what we’re going to cover this week on
  • The Best Way To Go From Day Drinking To Fine Dining In San Diego Solo!
    Last Thursday I had a really incredible day date out on the town of San Diego. My day date was with myself. (Date yourself! more on that at the end of the post) Which then turned into a full on night out which was unexpectedly awesome. You can never chase the dragon when your going
  • Tijuana’s #1 Dive Bar & A Disco Dress Horror Story
    I can officially say I’m over the nightlife in Tijuana. However, I don’t have all bad things to say about it. I want to put some shine on the last standing proper dive bar in Tijuana in today’s post. A diamond in a whole lot of rough. If you must go out in Tijuana at
  • The Hangover Patch Meets A Hollywood Hangover
    Here we are! I survived my 3 day holiday in Hollywood on a $200 budget. If you want to know why I was on a $200 budget you can see last week’s article here. Today let’s dig into these 4 points of interest around my trip now that I’m back home in Tijuana. 1. Does
  • Travelling On A Crazy Budget & How Bitcoin Is Saving My Life
    Since I left LA a year and a half ago there’s always some major roadblock that gets in my way every time I try to plan a trip back there. It’s only 3 hours away from Tijuana but it feels like 30 every time I try to plan a return. My last trip to LA
  • A Day Date & Daring Dress In Corporate Conservative America
    Another week another story told through personal style. Today let’s dive into some details of my day date in San Diego. Where I go to escape the brutality of Tijuana at least once a week.  I really wanted to treat myself to a proper steak lunch so I searched what the top places where in
  • The New Regality Of It All Manga Style
    Regality! This is a new word that I am inputting into the style dictionary. Yes, I know the term Regalia already exists. However regality is being regal in your current state of consciousness, dress and in reality. It’s not about being the best it’s about being the best version of your god damn self in
  • A Big Bold Dress & A Border Crossing Story
    As of late I’ve been spending a lot more time in San Diego despite living in Tijuana. I’m going to dig deeper into what that means for me today. It’s quite honestly the only thing keeping me sane as I round out my last 6 months left in the most violent city in the world.
  • Black With A Side of Blonde
    Today we’re going to have fun making runway looks street street style at a quarter of the price. All while paying homage to one of my favorite duo’s in fashion design. The Blonds out of NYC. I saw their show several months ago on Youtube and died a little bit inside in the best way
  • I Miss New Wave.. A Goth Girl Club Kid Memoir
    Living in this part of Mexico one of the most lacking things is finding entertainment. Especially alternative entertainment. Baja California Norte is not a hotbed for culture only tourism. Not a lot of acts tour through this part of Mexico. Be it the ever increasing homicide rate or the fact that there’s just not enough
  • Sade With A Side of Pulp Fiction Wearing A Canadian Tuxedo
    Wow! That titles a mouthful but it’s true! I pull inspiration from a lot of things, places, and people for my looks and today encompasses all three. Here’s the breakdown of the 3 points of interest and how it pertains to today’s look in particular. Thing – The Movie Pulp Fiction (My favorite) Place –
  • Once Upon A Time In A Mexican Shithole…
    One day Tijuana will be a distant memory for me. I’ll remember how I used to walk the streets of this town feeling isolated and totally alone. I’ll remember the streets and sidewalks full of man holes that could quite possibly kill you if your not watching your every step.  The smell of feces that
  • The Anti-Christ With An Open Mind Walks Into A Church..
    Recently in Tijuana I met these two young Missionary girls here from the U.S. It was while shopping at one of my favorite little vintage boutique’s where I source a lot of my looks from called Creations of Lily. The boutique is an extension of an orphanage that is attached to the same building. All
  • White Power or White Power Suit?
    We live in dangerous times for one’s mindset in 2019. Physically we’re at the lowest level of overall violence we have been at in human history (despite what the news would like you to believe). However, mentally there is a full on war of the minds going on. One of the hottest subjects of the
  • Sequins & Sneakers
    For the longest time I’ve felt that you can only wear your sequins at night. Sequins are seen more as evening wear by most but not all. Yet as a textile they shine much brighter in the day so why must they be designated as evening wear or for special events? Today I wanted to
  • Going To Morocco While Staying In Tijuana Because Morocco Hates Women
    I’m currently standing outside of an i-Hop in Tijuana thinking what a damn shame Morocco is. I know. Random. This blazer is from Zara Morocco which has me thinking more about the place itself this week. It reminds me how classic & beautiful the prints are that come out of that region of the world.
  • Fuck Coachella, This Is How To Be Desert Chic As A Local
    It’s that time of year again. That time of year when all the main-streamers leave the city and go to Coachella to see overly hyped pop acts, people you have never heard with some hip hop sprinkled on top play music in the desert. Yippeeeee Nothing about this festival has ever appealed to me. Even
  • Let’s Get Horizontal, Then Let’s Get Vertical At The Same Time
    When it comes to personal style one of the best things to do is disregard the vast majority of the fashion do’s and don’ts you see in magazines or hear from those before you. What I love about our current era is that you can really do your own thing now. Which is why this
  • How To Wear Your Harness As A Layer Instead Of Underwear
    This week I’m drawing some inspiration from BDSM culture but not at all in a 50 Shades of Grey way. Also, one of the worst takes on BDSM I’ve ever seen in my life. Honestly, could that franchise have been any more diluted, predictable and utterly generic? Some girl constantly biting her bottom lip and
  • Vintage 80’s & 90’s Perry Ellis Inspiration In The Park
    When I was 14 I remember getting gifted my first perfume for Christmas. It was Perry Ellis. Today I wanted to take a piece of how the scent turned me onto their menswear line and how the 80’s was not all bad when it came to fashion because of Perry Ellis. It just mostly was
  • Soaked in Red & How To Wear XL As A Size S
     I was so excited to style this look today simply because I love the band Deftones and love pulling inspiration from music. I also wanted to show petite people how to wear larger sizes yet still have them be fitted to your shape and proportions. This way when you see things you love but are
  • I’m In A Blue Velvet State of Mind
    I re-watched one of my all time David Lynch films last night “Blue Velvet” from 1986. It’s so dark yet beautiful and even glamorous at the same time. I absolutely love the distinction between it’s title and the subject matter portrayed throughout the film. Velvet as a textile itself is incredibly soft yet when you
  • Suicide Is Not Painless.. It Hurt’s But We Must Move On In Style
    I am absolutely gutted this week of hearing the news yesterday that Keith Flint from The Prodigy one of my biggest inspirations to create unique electronically fused music in life took his own life on Monday in the UK. So much so that this week just feels out of place going about business as usual
  • In My Mind I’m On A Picnic & Why You Should Mix Prints More Often
    In my first blog post for Metal Mouth Style I wrote about Gingham being a print that I loved to incorporate into my wardrobe. I also somehow managed to parlay my love of 90’s pornstars into that same post. I recommend the read if your new to the blog. Today I want to show you
  • Let’s Talk About Menswear Man…And Why It’s Not Just for Men
    If you read last weeks Metal Mouth Style blog post you may remember me mentioning a style hack for less by shopping in the juniors section if your petite. This weeks style hack is why you should implore yourself to shop in the men’s section more often than not if your women. Where else do
  • Make the Meat Market Your Runway
    There is one thing I do not do in life. That one thing is to make excuses not to dress up and look my best everyday. Even around the house (more on that style hack later). The key to feeling good is also looking your best. Inside out baby. Quite frankly a trip to the
  • A Clockwork Orange Chic
    This week I have been inspired by a movie I do not particularly enjoy. This movie has always thoroughly creeped me out. It’s not that it is a bad movie but it’s a good movie based on truly bad people. A Clockwork Orange. Not only is this costume concept played out year after year every
  • Modern Goth vs. Hot Pocket Goths
    There is something about the Hot Topic look that really bothers me. Disposable fashion trends in general I cannot get behind. In one day out the next. Fashion needs to be more sustainable. Not just in how it’s produced either. In how you as the consumer think before you buy. If you buy an item it should
  • Adulting With Sailor Moon In Mexico
    With Cosplay being such a popular theme I wanted to take some inspiration from the world of Anime this week. However, I wanted to make it adult. Not something I see done very often. Feminine, while being a grown up at the same time. A tiny hint of Lolita while not over sexualize one’s self.
  • The Not So Literal Matrix
    It’s cold this winter in Tijuana. Colder than I’ve ever experienced since leaving Canada 3 years ago! Okay, not as cold as Canada but unseasonably cold for West Coast Baja California weather. Which is why I’m taking the opportunity this week to channel my inner Matrix but not quite so literally. If by some grand
  • My Mexican Poncho Style
    I will preface this with saying the local fashion scene here in Tijuana leaves much to be desired. Mostly because most people here don’t have good taste or personal style which works out as a win for me personally. Why? Well, if people where real purveyors of style all these killer deals I find here
  • Lost Angeles Flashback Friday Files
    This has been quite an eventful week. I traveled back to LA for the first time since I moved to Tijuana over a year ago. LA used to be everything to me. It was my main source of inspiration for fashion, music and art. Since moving away it no longer holds that same appeal. I
  • To Maine With Love From Tijuana
    I often like style to be inspired by places and sub cultures within those places. Some places I have never even been too (yet) but always wanted to visit. Today’s look is inspired by all things Maine. Semi Nautical meets cool ocean air. If I was in Maine in winter this would be one of
  • Revealing My Inner 70s Pornstar
    Finally! I got to pull out my 70s porn star vest. I’ve been looking forward to styling this piece since I found it vintage shopping at the end of last Summer. My look this week is heavily inspired by the character Candy in the series The Deuce. She is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. This is
  • Romy, Michele & Me
    This week I pulled some inspiration from two of my favorite female characters in a comedy. Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. This movie was the epitome of short skirts, crop tops, long legs, faux fur & platform heels. It rivals Clueless for those obsessed with 90’s fashion.  This look was all about making it
  • 90’s Pleather & Sweater Weather
    Thicker fabrics are such a staple when the temperature drops below 20 in the desert that is Baja California. Another thing that has become more frequent is pretty insane climate changes at a rapid pace. This week for example we had wicked winds up to 20mph in my area and torrential rain storms simultaneously. With
  • Leopard, Leather & Easy Rider…
    This week I didn’t actually pull direct inspiration for my look from any one place in particular. More of an anti inspirational look if you will. I just really wanted to blend Leopard print and Leather together and make that look seamless. In this case faux leather that looks really fucking real. Okay so I
  • Channeling My Digital Librarian..
    The Library is open! I finally get to say that in the correct context after years of binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. This week I pulled inspiration from one of the simplest places. Libraries. I used to spend a lot of time in them in the early 2000’s before I bought my first Laptop. Leaving
  • Leather & Lilies Suit Me Just Fine
    Okay, not exactly Lilies to be precise. Those are actually Orchid’s on my button down blouse. It sounded better to say Leather and Lilies. I also really thought they where Lilies until I did some further re-search.  This look fucking ruled my week. I was inspired by the rawness of nature when styling it. Whenever
  • True Blood Anyone?
    I’m a huge True Blood fan. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to put together a goth day look inspired by Pam of that series. She was bar none my absolute favorite character in that series. Although the final 2 Seasons of True Blood turned into a bit of a convoluted mess the first
  • In The Gingham Gang
    Yay! New week new outfit new blog! This week I was most stoked on this Gingham dress look I put together. Simple yet ultra feminine. Just the right amount of sweet to my sour. The inspiration this week was a combination of Audrey Hepburn in the 60s. This is one of my favorite looks of