Take Your Pillow Challenge & Shove It

Hello loyal readers, let’s dig into the latest internet viral offense this week. The “Pillow Challenge”, or as I like to call it a narcissists paradise. We’re all stuck indoors on lockdown due to a worldwide pandemic. Countless jobs have been annihilated, the economy is in constant limbo and the food supply chain is vulnerable to collapse by the end of the year. Yet, celebrities (and so-called influencers) can’t seem to give us a break from their desperate cries for attention via social fucking media. The worst viral virus of all. The fact that I’m no longer using apps like Tik Tok/Iinstagram anymore yet it still finds its way off social and into my retinas is disturbing.

Insert random social media sensation here

Women and some men wearing pillows.. why? Not even for a self congratulatory so-called “Good Cause”. No. Why then? Pure and utter boredom now being photographed for your viewing displeasure. The limelight must always shine on the narcissist. The world could be ending tomorrow and people will be wearing pillows with overpriced Gucci belts wrapped around their waists to fit in with a trend. I would rather be gagged than have to see anymore of these images pop up in my news feeds. At least if I was gagged I may find some pleasure in that discomfort.

Billy Porter

The one thing that irritates me more than any other is people not being themselves. The try-hard. I believe this is the try-hard generation. Where cool is no longer a natural state of being chill and low-key. It’s a generation of people jumping on bandwagons purely to get attention. Wannabe rebels without just cause. It spans across all age gaps, genders and race. It’s the de-evolution of the human psyche that was already sub-par at best.

Insert random social media influencer titles here

Photos of people wearing pillows while the human race slowly degrades makes me sick. Yes, your bored. We get it. In my experience in life only boring people get bored. Creative people get busy but I digress.. Why do you have to show how bored and starved for attention you are? This precious time you still have on this planet needs to be spend bettering yourself. Away from the selfie light. You clearly have more money than you could spend during this time. You can afford a book or twelve. Doing the hard work on figuring out which internal demons you have to slay in order to not live for likes and followers on social media? It’s just a thought.

Go Away Anne Hathaway. Wait for the movies to show your face in this time of crisis.

In a perfect world. Celebrities would realize that not everyone loves them because their celebrities. Despite their millions of “followers”,  “fans” and the like it doesn’t translate to being liked in person. We have to see you because your part of modern-day culture. However, the counter-culture is sick of you. We are forced to see your ads for movies and products constantly. We’re sick of it. This of all times is a time for reflection. You love to demonize the paparazzi. Now you have become your very own version of that. Which only exposes how fake you really are.

Halle Berry

With that being said. Halle Berry. You would look so much better in front of that pillow than behind it darling. Your still a smokeshow and I expect better from you.

Let me know if you are tired of celebrites below.

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