The Easiest Halloween Costume Ever In 2020

For Halloween this year I decided to be a chic cat. The easiest costume I could come up with last-minute without making something myself or finding something or sub-par textile quality on Amazon. One-stop at my local Dollarama (which actually had an impressive aisle dedicated to Halloween this year) and my shopping was done. For a grand total of $4 CAD no less.

When I was a kid the first Halloween I remember dressing up for I was a Cat. I had fake nails and the whole nine. I froze my ass off Trick or Treating in Toronto with my Mother and that was my first Canadian Halloween experience. After that, it was a tirade of terrible costumes into my teens until I just stopped dressing up altogether. I got more into my own personal style and didn’t feel like wearing costumes anymore. What was the point of being someone else if I methodically plan each and every look I wear every day? Halloween dress-up parties lost their sense of cool. Halloween became my “day off”.

This year however with a series of open/closes on the entire entertainment industry as a whole I found myself back to childhood cat-like costume ways. I usually like to party on Halloween. I go out, I don’t dress up (in costume) but I do enjoy seeing what normies secretly fantasize about being behind closed doors. It’s the one time of year that your average citizen of the world gets to wear their insides on the outside, and some do when going for more grotesque costume choices. It’s my personal belief that if it was Halloween every day the world would be a better place. People could let their freak flag fly as much on a Monday as they would a Friday and everyone would be A-OK with it all because, after all, it’s Halloween.

Let’s walk through my day in the life of a chic chat for Halloween 2020. Bars/Restaurants/Events were of course closed due to this trying time. However, my imagination never closes and I used this opportunity to celebrate Halloween from Day/Night in costume.

A Day In The Life Of A Chic Cat On Halloween

Chic Cat & California the Chihuahua

The best way to start any day is with cuddles from your furry friends. California the Chihuahua is always in costume. As a bitch.

Then it was off for a nature walk in the middle of the city. Mount Royal Park in Montreal to be exact. These photos will be in technicolor to properly display the glory that is Mother Nature. Behold! Autumn Tones ahead.

Take the stairway to an Urban Heaven
If everythings closed go get lost in the trees
Nature needs no filter

After a 10K walk to Mount Royal Park and back it was Martini Time! In human form or in cat costume I take mine extra dirty with olives.

My whiskers go sideways when I’m drinking

Even cats don’t get the day off. I still had to write this blog you’re reading! I took a time out to edit content and lay things out for this weeks post.

Then after watching 3 horror films back to back ( Blood and Black Lace, Shaun of the Dead & House of a 1000 Corpses) this year I was asleep by midnight. Drinking responsibly and looking foward to the days where I can cut loose a little bit more and get caught up in the moment with others.

Goodnight Halloween 2020

In Closing

I had an excellent Halloween but every day really is Halloween for me. It would have been a total bummer if I didn’t live with roommates at this moment. I chose roommates back in June so I would not feel so isolated and alone in a lockdown state of humanity. As much as I look forward to getting my own place next year moments like Halloween during lockdown really make me grateful to have kind people around to share it with.

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