The Thigh Gap vs. The Pay Gap? What Currency Matters Most?

Why are women constantly being made to feel as though we have to choose between our body and our mind? When will both physical and intellectual currency be seen as equal opportunity players in our lives? The answer is complicated but at the same time very simple. When Women are equal to Men in regards to positions of power is when we will no longer have to choose between physical and intellectual skills.

Women have it worse than men from a societal and biological standpoint. Must I remind you that as women, we get periods and, we pay tax to control a purely biological trait that we cannot control every month for half of our lives? Yet, Viagra is not taxed? Rogaine for men is 40 percent less than the female version which has the exact same ingredients. Only 20% of CEO’s of companies are female. Women are at a higher risk for poverty because we inherently start out with less in this world than men do. This increases as we get older and past childbearing years. Women are at a much higher risk to get raped/molested/abused/trafficked than men ever have been.

Women of color have it even worse. This has held me and women like myself back even further than our white female counterparts who still never had it all that easy, to begin with. Can you even try to imagine an automatic racial inequity on top of being female from birth? I dare you to try to understand that struggle more deeply. On your own time. When people remain ignorant to facts that do not directly impact them this deepens the divide between us. We need to be coming together to prevent poverty within our gender so we can have more power in all of our lives. You know, child-bearers of life and all, the last thing we should be is poor when our bodies hold so much damn power. On top of all these facts, a woman’s work truly is never done when the majority of our household work goes unnoticed and is worth an estimated 10 trillion dollars annually. Yes, being a housewife does actually hold real value not just on Bravo.

I have been working on my first solo art exhibition titled “All Women Matter” for all these reasons and more. It has taken me 2 years to get to the final steps of this process. Modern-Day Feminism can be isolating for a feminine woman such as myself. Pussy hats, Girlbosses, BossBabes are all missing the mark when it comes to authenticity. These trend phrases do nothing but raise the bar when it comes to bandwagon jumping. We should all be considered feminists simply for being a Femme in the first place. There’s no right/wrong feminism. It’s personal to each woman and should not require any catchphrases. Men can also be feminists by simply supporting us and doing their own work on understanding the Woman’s struggle in society.

Piece: Women, 4×4 foot steel mixed medium acrylic painting

My hope artistically is that these 20 pieces of Metal Art will help both Women and Men question our value more deeply and understand the importance of supporting all women.

When there is an overall human respect for the female gender is when we will actually see these outdated systems of oppression change for all and for the better.

About Me: I’m Tiffini Truth, an abstract artist, writer, and host. I write for various publications about sexuality, art, and culture. Follow me on Twitter , or Instagram for updates. Subscribe to my Patreon to become a collector of my abstract art prints.

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