Make Holiday Fashion Your Bitch

Ugly Christmas sweater parties, terrible remixes of Christmas music, and basic predictable style to match. Welcome to the Holiday’s my friends. Year after year the same songs play on loop for a month straight in retail stores and if you happen to not celebrate this you’re looked at with pity. As if you need an excuse to drink or eat more than usual? That’s sometimes called a Tuesday for us well-seasoned adults in the game of life but, I digress…

Atwater Market, Montreal, Nov.29th.2020

I haven’t celebrated Christmas since I was forced to as a child. In the 90’s it wasn’t called “The Holidays” it was called Christmas and it was very much about the birth of Christ meets consumerism. As a self-proclaimed Anti-Christ (a lesson I picked up from Marilyn Manson’s 1996 album Anti-Christ Superstar) Christmas never suited me. Between school force-feeding Santa stories down one’s throat (only to find out the obese man with as sugar addiction doesn’t exist) to home life being all about the presents I never felt akin to the holidays.

This year I made a personal choice to join in on the festivities instead of fighting against the tide. You will not catch me Christmas Caroling or ever mentioning Santa’s name again but, after almost a year in a pandemic being festive is needed now more than ever. Today I’m going to give you three tips to get you through the Holiday’s looking chicer than your average civilian while letting down your Anti-Christmas guard… just a little bit.

Pick Your Christmas Color

Any color! Not just red, white, or green and certainly not ever all three at once. The goal here is not to look like a walking, talking Christmas tree. It’s to be festive, chic, and not an eye-rape to society. That is why finding one color to stick with for the season is key and keeps you in a consistent theme for your personal style story to be told. Consider your skin tone and match which color best suits you whether it be a primary/secondary shade. You don’t have to be a stylist to understand this either. If a color washes you out (makes you looker paler than you are) then unless your a Hot Topic Goth shy away from it.

For instance… This below is a Hell No!

Their white skin tones look pink with these colors washing them out and the gold lame bow is reflecting light like foil in the sun. This below is a Hell Yes…

It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946

This is why you don’t fuck with the classics, my friends. This housewife is in a world all of her own. With nice clean lines and a dark burgundy which adds contrast to her skin tone. The embroidered neckline gives the dress elegance and dimension.


The trick with all accessories is to let one piece speak for the look. This is called a statement piece. You can wear a few accessories at once but your best rule of thumb is to pick one piece to stand out and have the other pieces play in the background. Let’s use a close up of my look as an example. Can you guess which piece is my statement piece?

If you picked my over-sized pearl earrings you would be correct. My style is a combination of timeless pieces with a modern, artistic edge. In some cases, I wear 3 accessories at once but I make a point of letting only one piece stand out from the rest. My glasses match my sweater, my half-gloves match my skirt and corset to blend into the look. This lets the earrings stand out. If I wasn’t being festive I would have worn smaller earrings/studs instead of the oversized hoops. Then the shades due to their 50’s triangle shape are what would have been the stand-out piece. When you start with accessories it’s best to pick one and work your way up to mixing and matching from there but keep it to 3 items or less at a time and choose your stand-out piece wisely. I bent the rules a bit adding the shades but fuck it… I’m being festive.

Embrace Patent Leather/PVC

This isn’t just to be festive because it’s shiny it’s also to be waterproof or as close to waterproof as possible. It’s either snowing or it’s now rainy season in areas where it doesn’t snow. It’s really tricky to look chic in the traditional snow/rain boots. This is where patent leather or a really good vinyl/PVC comes into play. It’s built to withstand wet weather and adds more shine to days that are now getting cut a lot shorter due to Winter Solstice. Fashion and function are what we strive for. Dressing for the weather but doing it well. The proper footwear is essential for this.

Would I wear these boots when the weather drops below zero? No! I have thicker lined PVC boots for that which I look forward to testing out in the elements. However, for the more tepid temperates that November/December typically bring a patent leather/PVC boot will serve you just fine so long as there is no major snowfall. The trick is to buy shoes that come with some sort of lining built in and adding a wool sock so your toes don’t freeze in the Fall.

In Closing

If you can’t beat ’em sometimes it’s better to just join ’em. I’m doubling down on Xmas this year as a non-believer in the folklore/religion. Find a festive style that feels like you not like what everyone else is wearing. It’s something to celebrate when the weather is getting frightful and we aren’t allowed to have indoor working fireplaces that are so delightful.

Give them something to remember you by when you walk away. Red is my Christmas color this year if you haven’t guessed.

About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Metal Artist living in Montreal. I adore writing. Specifically about life, style, and culture. I also host the “People Suck Podcast”.

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